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FeetJeans – Beatrice

Beatrice is the newest feetjeans model. She adores to pose and to have a lot of fans and followers but she also likes fashion and music. So when she found out about this casting and the fact that she will wear an incredibly hot jeans costume, she accepted right away. She couldn’t wait to play some music in the background and start enjoying herself, cause it was such a long time since she did it. She climbed this booth and she started to remove her shoes, offering you an incredible image of her bare feet. She looks so damn sexy with her feet bare like that and she knows it. feetjeans-beatriceShe is very aware about the fact that she is damn hot so she will do anything possible just to make you go crazy about her, not that you are not crazy enough about her but she wants you to be super fired up. And you will be cause she will manage to do it. She is going to offer you a lot of surprises cause she is willing to use each and every single trick just to turn you on. Just look at her how pretty she is and how incredible is her body, mostly now that she is dressed up in those jeans. And her smooth and silky feet are so damn hot that you will be amazed. Stay tuned to see what else she’s got for you, now that she started to fool around and play! If you liked this scene and you want to see another beautiful babe teasing you with he sexy feet, check out the My sexy legs site!

See Beatrice posing in her tight short jeans and bare feet!